Bidirectional Synchronization

tcVISION allows to sychronize data bidirectionally, loopback prevention is integrated

Transaction safety

Only committed data changes are captured. tcVision interfaces with you existing security system.

Controlled data exchange

tcVISION provides many mechanisms to control data flow. This makes the data exchange revision-proof.

No middleware necessary

tcVISION transfers data in “raw format” and compressed via TCP/IP. This makes it extremely fast.

What is Data Synchronization?

Data Synchronization:

If you want to keep multiple copies of data within your organization on the same platform i.e. z/OS or perhaps even across multiple platforms such as Mainframe, Unix, Linux or Windows then maintaining accurate and consistent data current across all of these copies makes it paramount that the data is synchronized in a fast and reliable fashion


Data Synchronization


Data Synchronization is also a very efficient method of maintaining a backup copy of data or maintaining peer to peer disaster recovery sites. You may even have a requirement to create independent data files containing a mixture of data from various databases or data files scattered across multiple platforms this is particular useful when you have a requirement to create test data for sand boxes and mask sensitive data for testing purposes.


Especially important is that the system used has a very simple and easy to use interface that is robust and intuitive eliminating the guesswork and technical knowledge required to operate over multiple platforms and the myriad of databases and data structures typically used across today’s corporations.


If for instance a user on a Windows Platform is using data from a mainframe database then it would make sense to ensure that any updates or changes to this data are accurately propagated across all of your the platforms in a fast, reliable and consistent manner.


Also it is wise to understand your requirements fully such as knowing if you need to keep consistent data for example you may want to keep a backup of certain data at a particular point in time or even if you need to generate a one time report using selected data you may not need to synchronize this data by utilizing two way data Synchronization as one way data synchronization may suffice.


For example: if you want to allow access to this data from a mobile device or maybe from a Linux system using z/OS data and you accept that this user can update or even delete this data then you would need to ensure that you are using a system to synchronization this data that is both automatic and completely reliable without requiring programming effort or manual intervention as both would be fraught with danger.


This is where a product such as tcVision is a very wise thing to use as it takes control of the whole process from start to finish. It’s not only a fully automatic system it does not require you to spend time and effort programming. A huge advantage to tcVision is that it does not require any middle layers of software.


It is extremely robust and supports almost all data types and structures across multiple platforms and the hard work has already been done in ensuring that your data remains up to date and consistent across all of your platforms no matter what operating system or data structures you are employing across the enterprise in fact tcVision supports more data types than any other like product.


Data Synchronization with tcVision easily allows for Data Replication for test or sandbox purposes or to clean data for data distribution.


The many features of tcVision assist installations to more easily manage their data for data warehousing, real-time analytics, Big Data, Cloud data, business intelligence, & data quality management.


tcVision is also an essential tool to quickly manage data for application modernization, managing cloud data, and SOA.


Efficient data handling for Unix data, Linux Data, Minframe data, Oracle Data, db2 Data, and windows data as the software is more than capable to handle all the various file and data formats whether it be flat files or database files without the inherent problems or manipulating cross platform data and sharing data from multiple platforms and resources.


For business intelligence and real-time analytics you can easily create input data for evaluation from multiple sources, platforms, and data types into a single input stream without having the technical knowledge of these file structures or types due to the extremely powerful user interface (the control panel) that does all the heavy lifting for the user making it easy and convenient to produce one off data files and output to any platform.


Here you can find out a lot more about tcVision and it’s data synchronization capabilities which is why it has been selected as the go to platform for many organizations that just cannot afford even once to be using data on any of their systems that may not be current in real time.

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The tcVision Solution

The tcVISION solution focuses on changed data capture (CDC) when transferring information between mainframe data sources and LUW databases and applications. Through an innovative technology, changes occurring in any mainframe application data are tracked and captured, and then published to a variety of RDBMS and other targets.

tcVISION’s capture facilities detect changes in mainframe and other data sources without programming effort, and reduce the amount of data that must be transferred between systems to an absolute minimum.

tcVISION guarantees transparent, efficient and auditable data transfer between sources and targets, and provides powerful routines to perform efficient, reliable bulk transfers of data. The tcVISION solution focuses on changed data when transferring information between mainframe and LUW data sources.

tcVISION is an innovative technology that offers comprehensive abilities to identify and capture changes occurring in mainframe and relational databases, then publish the required information to a variety of targets.

Speed Up IBM Mainframe Modernization Projects with tcACCESS

tcAccess is a transparent integration of mainframe data sources and mainframe programs into LUW applications using industry standards.

In a nutshell tcACCESS is a comprehensive software solution that enables two-way integration between IBM mainframe systems and client/server, Web and SOA technologies without the need for mainframe knowledge or programming effort.

tcACCESS is a proven platform that facilitates SQL-based integration of mainframe data sources and programs into LUW applications using industry standards such as SQL, ODBC, JDBC, and .NET. SQL queries to access mainframe data can be easily created using drag and drop techniques — no programming required.

tcVISION Data Synchronization Highlights

  • The time window necessary execute the exchange processes of data on Mainframe and Open Server-Systems is drastically reduced.
  • The data replication and synchronization process needs fewer resources.
  • Concentrating on change data ensures that only the relevant data is moved, resulting in fewer resources for the actual transfer and the data transformation.
  • Real-Time data replication immediately frees resources that are normally being required in the batch windows.
  • tcVISION automatically detects changed data with no need for programming efforts with a simple easy to use customer interface.
  • Data exchange processes can be implemented in shorter period of time with less manpower.
  • Replication of mass mainframe and Open System data (Bulk Extract and Bulk Data Propagation, File Compare etc.)
  • Change Data Capture in real-time on a transaction level. Transparent Data Propagation of the changed data into different target systems.
  • Direct access using SQL to production mainframe data (DB2, VSAM, IMS/DB, DL/I, Adabas, CA-Datacom/DB, CA-IDMS/DB, etc.) from Client-/Server and Web applications using ODBC, JDBC/J2EE, .NET or API Direct access to data of Open System platforms from mainframe programs.
  • Support for z/OS, Linux, Unix with Mainframe to Cloud, Oracle, Windows, ADABAS, Hadoop, DB2, SAP Hana, IBM AIX, Data Lakes, Kafta, Sybase, SQL, HDFS, MongoDB, CSV, Linux on z/Systems, Unix on IBM Power Systems, Software AG, Flat Files and many more…
  • See the technical overview of tcVision

tcVision – The Efficient Solution for:

  • Data Exchange Mainframe, Windows, Unix, Linux etc.
  • Data Synchronization.
  • Data Movement Anywhere, Anytime.
  • Replication and Migration.
  • Data Model Changes
  • Data Distribution
  • Cleaning Data
  • Migrating Data Across Platforms or Operating Systems
  • Database Migration to New Systems or Platforms
  • Migration of Databases to New Database Structures
  • Cloud and Data Lakes Synchronization
  • Peer To Peer Synchronization
  • Backup and Recovery of Critical Systems
  • Maintaining a Disaster Recovery Site
  • Maintain Up To Date Data in Back Office Systems
  • Creating Current Data for Back Office Personnel

tcVision the intelligent solution for:

  • Data Replication
  • Synchronize Data – in real-time
  • Synchronize Data – in time intervals
  • Synchronise data – event based
  • Distribute data
  • Migrate data

With tcVision’s built in Cloud and Big Data Technologies we have got you you covered!

You can be confident the right data will be where it needs to be at exactly the right time by utilizing tcVision’s multiple change data capture technologies with extensive data mapping techniques and comprehensive conversion of data structures.

tcVISION data synchronization for Cloud and Big Data Solutions

Available for Windows, Linux and UNIX, depending on the cloud system.

Databases supported in cloud systems: IBM DB2 LUW, IBM BLU Acceleration, IBM Informix, IBM NETEZZA, Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, Software AG Adabas LUW, PostgreSQL, Teradata, MongoDB, Flat File Integration, SAP Hana, EXASOL, MySQL / MariaDB, JSON / Avro, ODBC, Kafka, Hadoop Data Lakes, HDFS, CSV

Support of all Change Data Capture methods:

  • DBMS Extension
  • Log Processing
  • Batch Compare
  • Loads

“Comprehensive mapping functions for the creation of structure information for all supported databases running in the cloud solution.”

Central, relational repository for storage of the metadata, linkage and processing rules.

  • No additional middleware required
  • Real-Time data replication
  • No message queueing required
  • Compressed and efficient data transfer
  • Restart/Recovery guaranteed after system failures
  • Support of DBMS backup formats (archive log files) for the efficient
  • exchange of bulk data without the necessity of accessing production data
  • Support of unidirectional, bidirectional and 1:1, 1:n, n:1 and n:n replications
  • Convenient single-step-operations. Capturing of change data – transformation of data – application to target systems
  • Integrated workload balancing to shift tasks like processing and conversion to more cost-effective systems (e.g. from mainframe to cloud system).
  • Parallelization of load processes in order to realize real low latency synchronization solutions
  • Integrated features for direct application of data into target systems
  • Powerful load functions to transfer and apply bulk data
  • Integrated pooling and streaming processes prevent data loss if the target cannot receive data or receives slower than the source is sending.
  • Integrated loopback prevention for bidirectional data exchange Built-in key management for non-indexed data
  • Extensive monitoring, logging and integrated alert notification
  • See our tcVision frequent questions and answers page

“All of this with NO Middleware or Programming Effort as tcVision has a very intuitive, easy to use customer interface allowing for the most comprehensive tasks to be performed effortlessly

Environments Supported by tcVision

  • IBM z Systems:
    • –> z/OS
    • –> z/VSE
    • –> Linux on z Systems
  • Linux on IBM Power Systems
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Unix
  • Linux
  • Hadoop
  • Cloud
  • Data Lakes
  • IBM DB2
  • IBM IMS/DB / DL1
  • VSAM
  • Software AG ADABAS
  • IBM BLU Acceleration
  • IBM Informix
  • Oracle
  • Sybase
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • Teradata
  • MongoDB
  • Flat File Integration
  • SAP Hana
  • JSON
  • Avro
  • Hadoop Data Lakes
  • HDFS
  • CSV
  • SQL
  • And More….
No Middleware * No Coding Required * Sophisticated and Intuitive customer interface * Fully Automatic Data Synchronization

What Are You Waiting For? Try tcVision Today!

Data Synchronization | Data Replication | Data Integration

Data Synchronization Areas of application: Real-time analytics, BigData, data warehousing, reporting, business intelligence, data quality management, application modernization, work offload to reduce the mainframe’s workload, migration of data and systems, usage of cloud technologies, SOA, etc.

Data integration combine data from across your enterprise into meaningful and valuable information. tcVision is a complete data integration solution that delivers trusted data from a variety of data bases and files from various operating platforms.

Data Duplication: Controlled data exchange tcVISION provides many mechanisms to control data flow with the very efficient Efficient bulk transfer for Mass data transportation for initial load or cyclic data exchange.

Coexistency | Migration | Modernisation | Analytics & BigData

Coexistency: – Synchronization of data in a heterogeneous system environment consisting of a mainframe and distributed systems.

Migration: – Gradual migration of data and applications in heterogeneous system environments.

Modernisation: – Mainframe relief: Transfer of mainframe data to distributed systems or Hadoop Data Lakes.

Analytics & BigData: – ETL of mainframe data for Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Analytics & BigData.

Cost Reduction:

  • Relocation of data exchange processes from the mainframe to more cost-effective platforms (e.g. Linux, UNIX, Windows or the cloud).
  • Compressed data transfers in raw format.
  • Prevention of mainframe costs: Backup and image copies to relieve the production mainframe.
  • No additional middleware required elimination of costs and implementation effort more efficient transport layer.
  • Data transfer volume is reduced to a minimum through focus on changed data (Changed Data Capture).
  • Automatic collision detection and loopback prevention for bidirectional replication to prevent undesired back flow of data to the source of the change.

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